Therapeutics Evidence Accelerator Collaborative Meetings: Share findings from interested data partners on critical questions

Therapeutics Evidence Accelerator Collaborative meetings allow researchers to present approaches, methodology, and findings for peer discussion and input. Check back weekly for new summaries.


Repurposing Drugs to Treat COVID-19
Overview of Parallel Analysis Workstreams/Hospital Capacity Model 


COVID-19 and Substance Use Disorder
Artificial Intelligence Masterclass 
COVID-19 and Mental Health 
The Oncology Center of Excellence Workstream 
Fireside with Peter Lee/COVID RWD Textbook 
Transparency & Quality in Real World Evidence 
Observational Data and Causal Inference & Collection/Uses of Real-World Data amid COVID-19 
Real-World Data and Evidence in the context of COVID-19 
Shifting our Work and Mindset from a Sprint to a Longer Endurance Effort 
Retrospective Analysis of the Accelerator Workstreams 
Learning from Past Pandemics 
Implications of COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing Accuracy in Research and How to Manage It 
"COVID-19: And then what...?" 
Learning from Our Work: The Impact of Hydroxychloroquine on Patients with COVID-19 
Informing the Development of Principles and Metrics to Assess the Trustworthiness of Real-World Data 
The Role of Real-World Evidence in the Context of Prospective, Randomized Trials 
Expanding the Use of Real-World Evidence in COVID-19 Research 
"What is it like to have Mild/Moderate COVID-19? Describing the Outpatient Experience" 
“Natural History Gets Serious: Scalable Approaches to Define and Document Natural History” 
"Crowdsourcing the Question"  
"Hard Things are Hard, but They are Worth Doing" 
Building a Machine for Real-World Data 
Understanding How Platform Approaches can be Used to Address Key COVID-19 Research Questions 
COVID-19 Observational Database Collective/Epic Insight Initiative/UnitedHealth Group's COVID-19 Efforts 
University of California Health Data/Veterans Affairs/OHDSI Study-A-Thon