How to generate insights on COVID-19 interventions with real-world data: Three learnings from the COVID-19 Therapeutics Evidence Accelerator - Aetion

The COVID-19 Evidence Accelerator, organized by the Reagan-Udall Foundation for the FDA and Friends of Cancer Research (Friends), convenes leaders in the health care data and analytics space to answer key questions about COVID-19 with real-world data (RWD). 

By banding these organizations together, the project aims to create a shared learning environment that maximizes the impact of members’ individual efforts. Together, via dedicated therapeutics and diagnostics workgroups, participants aim to advance the methods used to turn a range of RWD into actionable COVID-19 insights. 

The first set of analyses for the COVID-19 Therapeutics Evidence Accelerator’s Parallel Analysis Workgroup focuses on the research question: Among patients with COVID-19 infection and treated with hydroxychloroquine in an inpatient setting, what are typical treatment patterns, co-medications, and effects on select health outcomes? Several organizations investigated this research question in parallel using their own RWD, then came together to discuss findings and challenges. 

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