Real world data Real World Data Graphic(RWD) can help advance our nation’s ability to respond to the COVID-19 global pandemic by significantly informing and safely speeding diagnostic and therapeutic processes. The COVID-19 Evidence Accelerator is an initiative launched by the Reagan-Udall Foundation for the FDA, in collaboration with Friends of Cancer Research (Friends), to provide a unique venue for major data organizations, government and academic researchers, and health systems to gather and design quick-turn-around queries and share their results.

The Accelerator brings together the country’s leading experts in health data aggregation and analytics in a unified effort to share insights, compare results, and answer key questions about COVID-19 treatment and response as quickly as possible.


Urgency and Action: Since the beginning of the pandemic, data scientists around the country have engaged in an intense effort to capture real-world data and rapidly deploy data analytics to help answer key questions related to the management of COVID-19 patients. While these individual efforts are developing into valuable insights, by banding together we are collectively accelerating and maximizing the utility of this information. To do this effectively, a core set of common data elements have been developed that allow any willing data collection effort to embed these data elements into their on-going work in a uniform way to allow for rapid aggregation and analysis.

COVID-19 Evidence Accelerator Principles

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