What if we captured the spirit and urgency of Covid-19 research to cure cancer?

In recent months, scientists and policymakers around the globe have rallied together with one common goal: to eliminate Covid-19. Budgets have been revised to funnel money toward research, competitive barriers between scientists and companies have been lowered, and regulatory processes have been reworked to help safe and effective drugs and vaccines get to patients faster. It’s a time of urgency, of disruptive healthcare changes, and of creative problem-solving.

When Covid-19 is gone, diseases will continue to take their toll on our loved ones. Every year in the U.S., more than 1.8 million people are diagnosed with cancer, and more than 600,000 die of cancer;  COVID-19 may drive those numbers even higher. In fact, the National Cancer Institute recently predicted 10,000 additional cancer deaths resulting from delayed screening for breast and colon cancers alone.

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